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The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (Iowa AAP) was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL) in August 1989 due to surface water contaminated with explosives leaving the installation boundary.  Iowa AAP's Hazard Ranking Score (HRS) is 29.73.  An interagency Agreement (IAG) was signed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region VII and the U.S. Army in September 1990 and became effective in December of 1990.  The agreement defines objectives, responsibilities, procedural and schedule frameworks for implementing the Installation Restoration Program (IRP) at the Iowa AAP.  

The primary source of contamination is attributable to past operating practices in which explosives contaminated wastewaters and sludges were discharged to uncontrolled on-site drainage areas.  Additional sources of historical contamination included routine open burning of explosives materials and munitions and landfilling of waste material.  These practices no longer occur; however, residual contamination remains both on and off-post.  Another source of historical contamination includes radiological contamination resulting from the destructive testing of components containing depleted uranium.

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